Sunday, March 19, 2006

Soundflower +Aggregate Audio Devices in Tiger

Holy Crap! In tiger u can add soundflower's 16CH interface into an aggregate device with your other audio interfaces for instant busses between tracks in your DAW and between applications! Just like Jack, except maybe requiring less system resources to run, and no configuration beforehand. Maybe more stable too - we'll have to see. Just make sure to not make any feedback loops by accident!

This really helps in Logic, where the only way normally to hard-record stuff on another track is to bounce and reimport. This also might be kickin' for Logic <=> MaxMSP connections!

Image technology in Mac OS X

So i've been working with lots of photos lately. And I just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4. Some nice stuff - the photo thing in email, etc etc. One thing that stands out is iPhoto 6! Its a HUGE step up from 5. The fullscreen editing is pretty much perfect - and being able to open several images there at once - sweet. Thats exactly how i would have designed it (almost). My main gripe with the new version is a seemingly exciting feature where images do not now need to be copied to the library to add them - just a reference and a thumbnail. Good idea - now I can catalog my CDs and images on my other drives transparently using iPhoto! Not so fast. When you try to open an image on an unmounted volume, it just keeps getting angry at you with missing file dialogs, and nowhere does it supply information about where the file actually is. You could not really use this to catalog CDs or DVDs of photos then... You would have to manually comment the name of the disc. Not that hard i guess, but annoying. And iPhoto is a bit heavy handed about telling you the image is missing.

Besides a sort of silly RAW workflow, and the "dont copy images to library when adding" not being very useful, I really like iPhoto 6. Damn good.

Now, however, I'm going to complain about Image Capture. Image Capture in Tiger has taken a step BACKWARDS. It no longer remembers thumbnail sizes, and Cmd-Click no longer works for individual image multiple selection! What a load of crap, apple. Thankfully one seems to be able to use image capture from panther quite well in tiger - just rename your tiger one, copy the panther one on from a 10.3 installation and repair permissions and you are set, I think.

Friday, March 17, 2006


did u know that life is fun?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

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This blog is a no-show! Where am I? What? I am neglecting it because it is so useless - like a pot of posthumous porpoise pus, pale in comparison to the two-tone upholstery of your eyeballoon. Tubatini Pleiseosaur! Cash monkey! fast.